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Welcome to a page of accessible publishing resources for publishers!

There are lots of valuable resources out there, and on this page we will share them by category:

A note about the NNELS-produced materials: All of our documentation is written our informed by the work of our awesome team of Accessibility Testers. They have expert knowledge in the areas of accessibility testing, analysis, software development, and leadership. Our testers have lived experience with a range of print disabilities, including blindness, low vision, and learning disabilities. Their expertise brings incredible value to the work they produce, and we know that you will find it useful.

Best Practices in Accessible Publishing

Image Descriptions

Audiobook Recommendations & Resources

Working With Conversion Houses & Ebook Producers

Working with InDesign

Accessibility Evaluation

EPUB Semantics, ARIA Roles, & Metadata

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The creation of the NNELS-produced materials on this page was made possible in part by the Government of Canada.