App & Scripts for EPUB Accessibility

Within this GitHub repository, you will find technological solutions for the automation of some tasks that can be used on EPUB files to improve their accessibility.

Please note, beyond bringing these scripts to the community, NNELS is unable to offer support on installation or troubleshooting related issues.

The DropToScript app (click here for installation and use instructions) contains multiple scripts, including:

  • LangTag: depending on how you configure it, this will move language tags from the Body element of each file to the HTML element, or insert language tags into the HTML element if none exist in the file.
  • AutoTitle: replaces the Title element of each HTML file with the content that’s in the top-level heading on the page.
  • MakeBreaksConform: updates your book’s page breaks to conform to the EPUB 3 standard.
  • UpdateClass: this removes all ‘manual override’ styles from an InDesign EPUB export.
  • Cleaner: this will add or reset the headers in a file to a standard header.
  • Extractor: allows searching and extracting certain patterns from an EPUB (e.g. helpful to make a TOC).

Click here to view all scripts in the DropToScript app.

StyleCleanup.jsx (click here for installation and use instructions) is a separate downloadable script and can only be used within InDesign. This is not part of the DropToScript app.

These scripts can also be modified by anyone to suit specific needs.

As these scripts are open source, if any issues or bugs are encountered, we encourage people to contribute to the project and provide support and troubleshooting solutions for the wider community. Please be sure to carefully read all documentation before using these tools at your own risk.