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Welcome to the Documents and Resources page! The items found here represent the culmination of the work done in recent years (2018-2020), supported in part by the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program – Disability Component. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


Accessible Publishing Information and Tools for Publishers


Visit our page on Resources for Publishers.


  • Publisher Audits (2018-2019): As a part of their grant-funded work, NNELS hired accessibility testers – people with print disabilities who would assess the accessibility of documents, reading platforms, library apps, websites, and more. The accessibility testers were provided with ebook samples from dozens of publishers. For each individual publisher, they tested the books and wrote reports on the issues and barriers to accessibility that they ran into. From these audits, they developed a best practices guide which lists the most common problems and offers solutions for addressing these common issues.
  • epubtest.orgNNELS supported DAISY on expanding the language options of their initiative. This site is the go-to place to find reading system accessibility evaluations, and is now available in French as well as English.


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Reading Apps and Platforms

Reports on Library Reading Apps


The Accessibility Testers were tasked with using and testing library reading applications, and they reported on their functionality and usefulness for readers with print disabilities. Click here to access the reports, as well as to read an overview of the reports and their results.

Find the Right Reading System

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Accessible Publishing Summit

These reports were developed during the Accessible Publishing Summit, held in Toronto in January of 2019. Over 50 stakeholders from the ebook production and distribution chain came together to discuss accessible publishing and its advancement, and these reports share what was discussed and worked on.


  • Summit Report


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