The items on this page represent a non-exhaustive selection of organizations, information, news, and events related to accessible publishing. It is updated regularly.

Organizations and Groups

Accessible Books Consortium (ABC)

Accessibility Action Group (AAG)

Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative (AIPI)


DAISY Consortium

EPUB 3 Community Group – W3C

Inclusive Publishing (Check out their Newsletter!)

W3C – Publishing Working Group

Information and Resources

AccessText EPUB Webinar Series (2019) 

Book Industry Study Group: The BISG Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing

BookNet Canada: What it Means to be Accessible

BookNet Canada: Producing “born accessible” books

CELA: Making Reading Accessible

DAISY: Accessible Publishing Knowledge Base

DIAGRAM Top Tips for Creating Accessible EPUB 3 Files

EPUB Accessibility Using InDesign (Laura Brady)

EPUB 3.2 Community Group – Draft Report (15 November 2018)

EPUB Secrets: Accessibility in Ebooks – Some Resources

Fondazione LIA: E-Books for all: towards an accessible publishing ecosystem (September, 2019)

Inclusive Publishing: Resources for Publishers – Improving the Accessibility of your Mainstream Digital Content

NNELS: Information for Publishers and Authors

W3C: The Business Case for Digital Accessibility

Studies and Projects

Accessibility statements promoting improved reading experience (ASPIRE) (Jisc)

Ace by DAISY – Accessibility Checker


book summit 19


In the News

Canada’s first federal accessibility legislation comes into force (July, 2019)

EU passes European Accessibility Act (June, 2019)See the European Disability Forum’s Analysis of the Act Here

Carla Qualtrough announces that the Accessible Canada Act (Bill C-81) has passed (just awaiting royal assent!) (May, 2019)

Benetech Names Macmillan Learning Industry’s First Global Certified Accessible Publisher (April, 2019)

Australia: World-leading Book Accessibility Initiative Creating the Dignity to Read (7 November 2018)

Europe: European Accessibility Act will Increase Access to e-books (November 2018)

Conference Presentations

Accessible Ebook Publishing in Canada: The Business Case – Laura Brady and Daniella Levy-Pinto at BookSummit (June, 2019)

The User’s Perspective: Accessibility Features in Action – Ka Li at ebookcraft (March, 2019)

The Accessibility Supply Chain: Reporting from the Front Lines of Inclusive Ebook Production – Sabina Iseli-Otto and Shannon Culver at ebookcraft (March, 2019)

Rise of Inclusive Publishing – Greg Alchin (November 2018)

Creating Accessible Content Elements in the Publishing Workflow – Inge de Monnink (May 2016)E-Books for all: towards an accessible publishing ecosystem